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Music in the City

Posted on: September 17, 2012

Weekends, in my opinion, should be spent relaxing and experiencing. My Saturday began with breakfast with a friend from, oh who knows, before high school even began. Since we’ve known each other for years it is amazing how we can still grab a cup of hazelnut coffee and talk for hours. Even though our lives rarely intersect it’s quite comforting to know we’ve matured and grown at the same rate, our small minded prejudices now gone as we explore open-minded possibilities.

From that lovely encounter my day continued on the same note. I moved locations to interact with the busy lifestyle of those involved in the music business, more specifically the Americana Music Association. With free passes I went with a couple of intellectual friends to join the panel on a couple of songwriting sessions. The event was hosted by the Country Music Hall of Fame, a place I highly recommending for any kind of music lover (and let’s face it, that would be 99% of world’s population). I mean what’s not to like, they have a bar, a restaurant, people walking around playing music, it’s a fantastic place to people watch, but I digress.

First songwriter up was Tift Merritt (what a great name), and I highly recommend checking out her latest album “Traveling Alone”. She has a soulful road trip sound and although I was only able to hear her acoustic sounds with a steel guitar accompaniment I can only imagine the full band brings more meaning to her words.

We grabbed a quick bite of BBQ at Rippy’s, a restaurant looking down on Nashville, with an open porch on top, great place to grab a beer and watch the game.


We finally ended our session by listening to Richard Thompson, a British songwriter who has been very influential in the Americana genre. He is a true entertainer, impressing us not only with his songwriting skills but also with his whit and ability to sound like 3 guitar players at one time.

For the rest of the evening…well there’s not much more to do other than sit back and enjoy a cold one.



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