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First off, Happy Valentine’s Day. All I wanted today was free chocolate…which I got. I also saved some money. (See Figure 1.)


(Figure 1.)

Yes. I am spending my Valentine’s Day single (honestly who else write a post at this hour?).

Because people always ask me why I’m still single or when I’m going to have a boyfriend I thought I’d clear up a few misconceptions. Recently I was discussing relationships with a friend and she said:

being in a relationship is like taking care of a puppy…

Not only do I strongly disagree with the thought (I’m not an animal person at all!) It made me realize why I am single. While I dislike commitment (besides to a job, I was a born workaholic) I haven’t seen a relationship or marriage that made me jealous. I’ve never seen two people together and thought “I want that, forever!” These days it seem like everyone is divorced or cheating (except for my parents, they are truly happy and I’m still not jealous). So until then, until someone changes my mind, I’ll be single. And saving my money for shoes, and chocolate.

The Relationship/Marriage Debate


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