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It’s Time to be Heard

Posted on: February 23, 2013

You have a brain. You have thoughts, dreams, goals and opinions and they should be heard!

When I left home to attend a college 268 miles away I was shy, unsure of myself and definitely out of my element. My classes were small so my professors had plenty of time to get to know each student, one class in particular stood out. My professor wasn’t exactly the nicest guy but he knew how to get his point across. One day after class he pulled me aside and said “Your thoughts are important you need to speak up!”

It wasn’t an instant turnaround but I did start speaking up more and it has made quite a difference. So don’t be shy. Share your thoughts!


4 Responses to "It’s Time to be Heard"

Shyness is definitely not one of my failings! I have thinking a lot about the young folks of today, they seem so lost in the fad of wearing their clothes in such a disrespectful manner and its been bothering me. I came up in the button down shirt generation and I can still hear my parent and teachers saying “tuck that shirt in, get that gig line straight, go home and shine those shoes. Most of the young men and women of today, would probably never survived to their fifteenth birthday dressing as they do. Pants hanging off their ass, wearing pajama pants to the grocery store, baggy, raggedy, they honestly look and dress like hobos (transients) . I was coming home late one rainy cold night and spied a kid in baggy pants trying to get out of the weather. Normally I would have given him a ride, but I didn’t because his baggy clothing offended me. If he were.drowning in the irrigation ditch, I would not throw him a lifeline. I have never felt this way, especially about kids. i need to get past this, and I don’t know how to do it.

Good topic for my next post why appearance does matter. I’m sure you’ve heard it said “Dress for the job you want not the job you have.” Same thing with life.

Upon further thought, I have arrived at the belief that young people have had the “wool pulled over their eyes”. I am reminded of how elephants are trained to believe that a rope and a wooden stake will prevent them walking away. It is the same with people. The think the look good because most of others dress that way. No one has the nerve to tell the Emperor, that he has no clothes on.

I think your conclusions are based on the place you live in, the culture based there and whether the general population is low class, mid class or upper class. As a young person myself I realize there are many people in my generation who shed a bad or false light on millennials. I feel that the way they act and the way they dress are not a true representation of my generation.

Don't be shy, share your thoughts!

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