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To Dress to Impress or Not

Posted on: February 26, 2013

How important is it to look your best and does appearance really matter?

Growing up I was homeschooled and contrary to popular opinion school work did not take place in pajamas (unfortunately). Every morning I was expected to be up at the crack of dawn (just kidding, but seriously) showered and dressed appropriate for the days events (sitting at a desk with a school book). Since then looking my best has been a normal routine.

In college my wardrobe was a little more relaxed consisting of t-shirts and sweatshirts. After all the college environment promotes late nights, long study hours, partying, hanging out, road trips, spring break, sports…well you get the idea. Maximum time spent out and about; minimum time spent dressing. Besides during college I received over 20 free t-shirts (Free T-shirt Tip: work in athletics).

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but college is over now (and 6 months later all my t-shirts were stolen) so revamping my wardrobe for the workplace became a must. Now I dress to impress almost everyday whether I’m going into the office, hanging out with my best friends or enjoying a lazy weekend off work. Dressing well is not necessarily meant to show off or pick up guys but it does make me feel good about myself.

I believe the way you dress says something about you, more than your personality at the moment. Unfortunately immediate opinion is based on outward appearance and dressing professionally will help you out in the workplace. Everything does not go smoothly in the area of dressing well, I had a negative experience during an interview for a dream job, although I got along well with the team I could tell they thought I was too attractive to become part of their department.

I realize there are many opinions as to whether you need to dress up everyday, always look your best or not. The floor is open for debate, share your thoughts!


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