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Alone but Surrounded: A View from the Inside

Posted on: March 7, 2013

Coffee hour. It’s not crowded in the coffee house, just full of life, people talking, studying, researching, socializing, drinking and eating. The vibe is energetic and full of strong personality, goofy laughs, hipster styles and laid back trends. The walls are heather grey with paint peeling in places. A muted couch blends into the wall while a bright red pillow invites you to sit. Someone laughs loudly but roughly at an amusing tale, the writers write, the students study and the entertainers eat.

A black spiraling staircase winds heavenward towards the sound of the indie music and screams talent into the mix of the coffee shop. Tea is pour, milk is steamed, another coffee, another scoop of whipped cream. I sit back and type, the familiar sound of fingers striking keys. I sit back and watch the world of the coffee shop go by.


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