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One of my pet peeves is when I give someone a compliment and they immediately reject it by criticizing themselves.

I don’t see it as being humble or modest or any other word attributed to disliking praise. I just wish the person I complimented would take the compliment, feel better about themselves and walk away.

My second pet peeve is low self-esteem. Because I find this hard to relate to, I want to help those with low self-esteem find their worth.

Realize that even if you grew up around debbie downers and feel as if you don’t have any thing unique and talented to contribute to those who come into contact with you, you’re wrong.

We become more like the people and information we surround ourselves with. Although there is nothing that can be done about your childhood or who and what you were surrounded with, the beauty of growing up is that you are able to change all that. All it takes is determination and a strong will to begin that journey of forgiveness and understanding your worth. We all have something to give, we all have traits and personalities which set us apart, it’s not about the comparison game its about living each day to the best of your abilities because NO ONE can give to the world what you can.

Today’ prompt struck a chord inside me:

What is your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?

Who am I?

I’m hardcore because I believe if you put your mind to it and work hard enough, you can do anything.

I’m am against traditional norms and social status because I believe we were created unique for a reason and there is no need to try to clone yourself to society. There are too many naysayers in the world and the best way to prove them wrong is to take the road less traveled and show them with your success.

I am emphatic, everyone starts at a different level in reaching their goals and no two journeys are the same. This is why I love to hear stories from others.

I don’t believe in impossibilities. We’ve seen abstract ideas become possibilities and vague concepts turned into reality. All it takes is the right mindset.

Today’s challenge is to fill in the blanks of the sentence below:

I am unique and different because I provide _______ which no one else in my field provides. No one else can or will provide this because ______.

What helps you stop the cycle of self-doubt and take steps to achieving your goals?

30 day challenge


After a 24 hour writing break (I know, who needs to take a break from writing? Right?) I’m back to continue on with the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Writing has been easier during the past 7 days and today’s prompt is:

Whose online business do you admire most and why?

Obviously The Suitcase Entrepreneur who went from working a 9-5 job to traveling the world while building her business and encouraging others to follow her path.

Laura Kessler – A Music Business professional who also has a virtual business. She provides coaching, vocal performance, consulting, executive communication and more. The first time I talked with her I was impressed with how knowledgeable and personable she is. Our first conversation lasted over an hour and even thought we were working on the same project I walked away uplifted and encourage to promote my virtual business.

Seth Godin – I was first introduced to Seth Godin’s books, namely, Linchpin: Are you Indispensable? which I wrote about in a previous post. Seeking to create change and go against the norms, one always runs into people who tell you point blank “You’re wrong, the system is the system for a reason, because it works!” Reading Seth Godin’s books opened my eyes to the fact that even though there are accepted norms on society, we can create new norms by being unique.

start something

There are many more people and businesses who motivate me to press on. I like to call them the invisible cheerleaders because although they don’t know it, they have encouraged me to live life to the fullest and broaden my impact on others.

One of the reason I’m driven to succeed is because I was born a middle child. You know what they say about middle children, statistically they are often overlooked and feel left it. It wasn’t that I felt under-appreciated growing it, it was just that I was always part of the crowd, and with four lovely sisters it was hard to stand out.

Breaking out of that crowd and going off to do my own thing made me realize that although it is fantastic to belong somewhere, it is much more rewarding to strike out on your own and create success from those ventures. There are many sources of inspiration along the way.

Who or what inspired you to take your unique path in life?

30 day challenge

You have trained long and hard, and there’s no way you’re not making it to the finish line. Years of hard work and training are not about to go in vain. You cross the finish line and the crowd goes wild, cheering for your great accomplishment. The greatest joy you feel is from within. Why? You set out to do something you’d never done before, you took a chance, gave it all you had and finished strong. That great sense of accomplishment comes because you finished what you started. You went for the challenge and made it happen.

That, my friends, is exactly how I will feel when I complete The Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 Day Blog Challenge. And guess what it’s not too late to join. Challenge yourself!

Today’s prompt is:

Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

I am a highly motivated individual already, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need external motivators. Here are the top ways I maintain my mindset.

20130812-123011.jpgEvery morning my alarm clock goes off with a reminder to workout, something that reminds me why I even made that commitment in the first place. Right now my alarm notification reads “Time to Run” since I’m training for a half-marathon and it’s also a song I love by Lord Huron.

When it’s time to head out the door to work I have another push notification scheduled, this one is just a reminder “Your attitude shapes your day. You’ve got this!”

I follow inspirational boards on Pinterest and check-in ever so often to find a beautiful quote of the day.

I read success stories of others who have been when I have been and want to go where I want to go (like The Suitcase Entrepreneur)!

I push myself a bit more each day to move forward and do what I have never done before. After all when I up the stakes and beat it, it’s winning my own game. And let me tell you, I like to win!

How do you stay motivated daily?

30 day challenge

One of the reasons I joined the 30 Day Blog Challenge was to allow myself to write, every single day, for 30 days. They say practice makes perfect and since writing is an art, it’s something I’d like to be much better at. After all, my dream to become a best selling author is not dead yet!

It’s Day 4 and today’s prompt is:

What is your definition of location independence?

I think many of us spend our lives tied to things, whether it is rent, mortgage, a car payment, student loans, etc. they tend to keep us rooted to the spot. Staying in one place is not a bad thing at all, as a matter of fact I find myself quite comfortable living in downtown Nashville. However I do believe that if those financial boundaries were removed I would feel freer in life and not as hesitant to travel.

Last year my New Year’s Resolution was to travel more, a goal I successfully achieved spending time on both the west and east coasts of the United States enjoying the drastic climates and the beautiful of nature. Below is a picture of the coast of San Diego (taken with my iPhone!):

La Jolla Beach

Being location independent means I’ll be able to set up office close to these majestic waves and watch the sunset as I write a project proposal.

Being location independent means I won’t have to worry about affording a roof over my head, but I will enjoy the challenge of finding a place to stay every night. (Again check out Airbnb.com)

Being location independent means I’ll get to stray even further from the typical lifestyle and define my own American dream.

Being location independent means I’ll probably have enough adventures to write a whole novel which I’m sure you’d like to read!

How do you define independence?

30 day challenge

In lieu of transitions at work and new responsibilities I’ve found myself varying in feeling excited for new achievements and intimidated by the enormous role I find myself undertaking. This morning I was feeling another rush of anticipation for Monday challenges, however while sipping my homemade white chocolate mocha before work, I realized I had yet to crack open the new issues of Entrepreneur magazine.

The Editor’s Note is one section I always read, this month it is titled “Rebel Yells” and goes on to throw a positive spin on disruption in business. As Editor in Chief, Amy C. Cosper says:

Disruption in business is a heady concept…when you disrupt something, you change the predicted outcomes.

Which is good right? Disruption in the form of positive change serves to bring the wow factor into your presentation, project and/or organization. The culture of change is a scary concept to accept because of the risks involved, who knows what will happen? Although as Amy says:

Staying true to your own mission is as important as changing someone else’s. If you surprise and delight your customers, that may be the only disruption you need.

So here’s to disruption, I know my last month has been beyond my imagination, but I truly love what I do and waking up every day to rise to the Challenge and create positive change makes every day completely worth it.

How are you creating positive disruption?

Below is a preview of a 40,000 word novella I wrote as a prequel to the Four World Series. Following along in the adventure/fantasy theme Myran tells the story of a young woman determined to fight through tragedy and regain her place in the world.

Selections from Chapter 7 – Lightening Vision

I woke to a silvery light, I could tell it was daylight, yet around me a phantom of mist floated and glazed its way around me. We were still deep in the forest, lost in its secret and hidden paths, yet everything here was enchanted, it all seemed to move around me, or maybe it was the eeriness of the mists. Nothing seemed real, yet everything was touchable.

The leaves seemed to have their own bodies, moving, no, even floating in the shadows of light. The grass was flattened under the presence of the unearthly and even the vast trunks shuddered under an impending weight. For the first time, I began to feel the fullness of the power of the “wild things” and their knowledge and infinite life. It began to touch me, creeping over my body softly until I felt cold and clammy and I realized what I had been fighting. A power impossible to resist, knowledge vast beyond understanding, who could live so close to this? This was true fear, the large knowing which stood up and looked me square in the face, and told me this life was not for me.

I was not a “wild thing” and would never be one. This is why I must leave and give them back their sacredness, return their secrets to their keepers, and never stir beyond their untraceable borders again. There was no fighting this mystery, they had relented, as long as I was a child, but now, grown as I was, it was over and they returned to their home.

As for me, what would happen to me, this was now thrown to the wind. Life was now meandering, following the directions of the wind. Now I was the stone which had been cast into the waterfall, it was my turn to go where it willed, and as much as I wanted to refuse, I could not resist.

“Are you ready?” Luthín asked. I was surprised at the question, I expected her to simply rush me off, as the day before.

“I will never be ready,” I replied my words sounded neutral in the unforgiving air, pushing me away and onwards, further from the secretive “wild things”. “I know now though, it is not up to me.”

“Then you feel it too,” she paused, lost for a moment, in what, I could not understand, she appeared to be seeing more than thinking.

Tilyon walked up, the signal for departure. Luthín quickly turned to me, almost apologetically. “You cannot know, it must be like you have never been here,” and without warning she produced a greenish belt which she wound around my eyes.

A slight hint of anger washed over me, but the relentless power of the “wild things” was strong. I knew it would be useless to disagree so I simply let myself be guided by Luthín’s nimble fingers. My thoughts I kept to myself, from the probing of the “wild things” who seemed to know all, which was all too much. One cannot expect a child, raised by nature to suddenly become tame. As much as I liked my wondering thoughts I wished for little more than security and by ripping me apart, the “wild things” had lost my trust.

“Where are we going?” I asked, sometime later. It was more of a request than a demanded. I felt, blind as I was, at least I deserved to know where we were heading and whether they were faithlessly casting me out into the wild, returning me to my people, or simply finding a new hiding place. I had much doubt in the last thought, it seemed to me time to take life into my own hands.

“The shadows are fixed far from here,” Luthín murmured as if she did not hear my request.

“We are returning to the Green Havens,” Tilyon replied smoothly in his easy voice. “Do not worry, they accept outsiders there,” then he paused, maybe thinking he had offended me by calling me an outsider. “You will not be forced to leave there,” he trailed off.

Even though I could not see expression, I felt rather than visualized the exchange of glances between Luthín and Tilyon. There was something boding, information they were hiding from me. “Are you going to take me to my people? Are you tired of hiding me?” I asked, unkindly.

One of them stepped on a stick, an unlikely misstep for a “wild thing”, it snapped loudly against the light fluidity of our movements. The remains of my question were answered in silence but I knew at least I had reached part of the truth and fell silent for the remainder of the day.

Sometime later, the rapid pace of forest life slowed and the air chilled slightly around me. Now I heard larger wings and higher voices calling to one another, the animals were tip-toeing around each other. Now came the dance of the hunter and its prey and night, as if hiding this deathly game, came like a swift cloud and covered the nocturnal activities.

Even with this change, however slight, my guardians continued to travel on, pausing for neither food nor drink. It was like the night before, a flight into the unknown, a sense of desperation spread and soon I began to feel chilled and lost. Darkness gathered its’ deep despair around me but instead of relaxing in its arms I grew tense. At this pace we would soon arrive at the Green Havens I guessed, and once again I would be trapped in their designs of a life. Possibly there would be another fight about me and then a decision. I had to escape, as soon as my eyes were released. Then it would be my turn to disappear into the forest, it would be my turn to forsake the sacred rules and laws the “wild things” appeared to keep.

Ready for more? Sorry this book hasn’t been published yet but please feel free to contact me or leave me a comment. Due to demand I may provide an early release!

Philosophy. Every time that topic comes up I think of old wise scholars with full beards discussing in great detail topics which overpass my limited knowledge. Recently, though, while browsing through Barnes and Noble I picked up the book A Brief History of Thought – A Philosophical Guide to Living by Luc Ferry. A popular book in France, I thought I’d take a stab at further understanding the philosophy of…well…philosophy.

Divided into six rather lengthy chapters, Ferry provides an overview of the five key “transforming visions” which have shaped our world views concerning philosophy. In my mind philosophers attempt to explain the meaning of life; a concept which is board and beyond the human mind. As humans we are constantly evolving and changing, and with this change new theories are ever emerging.

I do not attempt to understand each revelation brought forth that spans centuries nor to zero in on which theory is “right”. However I think this book is an excellent read for those searching for more knowledge about the topic without going further into schooling or an in depth program.

My thoughts on the meaning of life? I prefer to dwell on the absurd concept brought forth from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that is the meaning of life is 42. Which of course is the answer, but to what question?

What are your thoughts on philosophy?

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