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Non-Fiction BooksSince it is a long three day holiday weekend, I thought I’d keep myself busy and out of trouble by checking out several books on my Goodreads To Read shelf. Turns out I under estimated how much time I actually have to read or over-committed with the number of pages, excellent writing and creative words to fill my brain with.

Always an avid reader, this year I’ve developed a new found hunger for learning through reading others perspectives, experiences and recommendations. I believe most of this growth is due to the 8 Hour Work Day for Single People and the strong desire to go back to school (without paying for it).

My desire at the end of life is to leave behind something worth having, and I don’t believe in my current position as a cog in the machine that going along with the flow, doing what everyone else does, and staying within what is “safe” will get me there. Through reading I aspire to attain more knowledge, increase my developmental thinking and form creative thoughts to bounce off others and create a new trends in the flow of mainstream ideas. As with college I don’t expect a quick or easy journey but nonetheless I’m on my way. In the words of one of my favorite books:

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door…You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien


Projects take flight

“Take a change, you never know what could happen”

I would like to give a shout out to all the risk takers out there, the people who don’t listen to the naysayers and start out on the route to new beginnings, new achievements and as a result reach a new level of satisfaction in life. These are the people who rise to a challenge, who aren’t afraid doing something unconventional even though it is not traditional. After reading many business books, inspirational stories of entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses who went from 0 to billions, I’ve decided to join the ranks.

The Wind to your Kite was only the beginning of the development of my site and I’d love to hear your feedback on it: angelajford.com

Starting something new can be rough and scary. What risks have you taken this year?

It’s embarrassing when you have a friend but never talk to them or see what they have to offer. That’s what happened with me and Goodreads, one of the best websites for bookworms, in my opinion. Goodreads and I have been tweeting together for months, but I never went to their website until I received a recommendation. Trust me, sharing this site with my fellow bookworms was addictive, lost three hours of my life and I still can’t get enough. Join the movement because Amazon.com already beat you to the punch. Now that the word’s out, I’m returning back behind the pages of a good book.


As you have noticed by now my blog tends to focus on many topics including general interest, new technology, good reads, places to buy shoes etc. Check out on a personal note for more reasons why. I keep this blog as a journal for creative release and believe some of you-not the broad consumer market but the small creative niche market – might be interested in reading, liking, sharing and commenting on different topics. So far so good.

I could focus on the book I self-published: Gywn’s Tale a short young adult fantasy.

I could focus on 45 Days of Shoes and fashion trends via Instagram.

I could focus on being a freelance entrepreneur and how gaining clients and working on projects is fun and exciting.

However there are plenty of sites that have a very focused blogs and messaging. So without further ado here are my three tips on defining your focus:

  1. What are you interested in? What are your passions? Because you’ll be writing about something you know you’ll be able to provide better tips suggestions and recommendations for your readers.
  2. Define your market. We can’t all be Wal-Mart a one stop shop for everything! Where do you go for fashion advice? To Wal-Mart or to the fashion blog where you saw some unique trends you’d like to add to your collection? If you have a travel blog I want to see pictures and if you’re sharing unique gadgets well your blog just became by gadget go to blog. My weird gadget pick of the day: It’s a lamp, it’s a book it’s a lamp book
  3. What happens if you don’t have a focus? Nothing. Not to say that you won’t get readers, likes and re-blogs it will just be harder to find a place to share your message.

Yes I am preaching to the choir. Carry on writing and share a link to your focused or unfocused blog. What are the pros and cons you have found?

Words are never going away…obviously, here were are on the internet storming about social media, marketing, networking, promotion, gaining leads (and on and on and on), yet the one element all these strategies have in common is reading words. Think about it, where would the world be if no one could read? Right back to where we started catching fish with sticks?

Personally reading and writing has had huge impact on my life. I used it as an emotional release, a way to tell my story, share my thoughts, dreams, and create a new possibilities. I even went as far as to self-publish an action/adventure short story and still have more plots and characters to write to life on a piece of blank paper. It’s my way of sharing a piece of myself, what ways do you share? Join the conversation by posting a link to your work.

Words. So many have already written about the power words hold, the ability to shape the future, change a life, start a war, stop an argument, bring together lovers, tear apart families. Words. Something as simple as words. But I digress, enough people have written about words and the knowledge they hold.

What I want from words is the power to make someone feel the way I feel. Take today for example, it was a great day, a good day. I woke from dreaming my car had been towed in my cozy red bed, the red bed no one ever wants to leave. It was rough to force myself to stumble out, red eyed and weary…I’ve had 3 nights of lost sleep, 3 nights that were totally worth it. I went to coffee hour at 6am and was only 20 minutes late…only. Then I drove to work with my music loud, thudding through the speakers of my favorite toy, the car I impulsively bought myself just because.

Nothing makes me feel the way music does, the uplifting of my soul, the beat loud, infiltrating my very being. I wish I had the words to describe the way it feels, like nothing will ever go wrong again and even if it does its okay because the music, the combination of song and strings and the beat of the drums and the hum of the bass will keep me soaring. I can’t explain the way it makes me feel, as if I will always be happy in that perfect moment, when I am on the peak, at the brink and I will never fall down again…words are powerful but sometimes they are not enough.

time is the speed at which the past decays – Cloud Atlas

Actually listening to the soundtrack as I write this…

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell was a fantastic, thought provoking read, and watching the movie afterwards was like being given a gift tied with a bow. 6 lives spanning across centuries, lives there were lived over and over again, dealing with the same issues of the future of modern society and what future, if any, it will come to. The book brought up many social-economic issues we face today, using up our resources, creating a land that is unlivable, power fighting against power, war, slavery, technology, business, this book, as one of my college professors would say, “rang a bell” in me.

Do you ever get that feeling, that you’ve been in a situation before, that you’ve lived another life, and pieces won’t fit together? Do you ever feel that change seems like an enormous possibility, and one person shaping the world is too much to ask. Maybe we are too small for this world…I used to think that, until my lost motivation returned…

“He who would do battle with the many headed hydra of human nature must pay a world of pain & his family must pay it along with him! & and only as you gasp your dying breath shall you understand, your life amounted to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean!”

“Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?” – Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

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