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Have you ever had that euphoric moment in life when you complete something huge and monumental? Moments like college graduation, running a half-marathon (or the whole thing), planning a successful surprise birthday party or completing a complex project? I love that feeling and it can become addictive.

I once heard a story about a group of kids who set off to run a race, it could have been a school event or a sponsorship, but the crowd was there, friends, family, and teachers. The excitement of racing was in the air, and when the gun went off those kids raced off as fast as their legs would carry them, determined to be number one. All except for one who was quickly left behind in the dust. He kept falling down, gaining cuts and bruises, yet every time he would pick himself back up and keep going. When the last kid had crossed the finish line, he wasn’t even half-way through the race. You see, he had cerebral palsy, and racing against himself was the hardest thing he had done. He wasn’t challenging the other kids to be number one, his goal was to finish. In fact, the other kids recognized this and after they crossed the finish line came back to run with him.

Sometimes the goal isn’t to win, it’s just to beat yourself, to beat your past and not let circumstances overcome your will to continue to move forward.

It is time to take on a Challenge, whether it means training for a triathlon, taking on bigger work related projects or moving forward in a relationship, you’ll be glad you went for it. Never stay comfortable. Always keep pushing forward.



Recently I finished reading Linchpin by Seth Godin, which describes the need to be indispensable and stand out among the “crowd”. The book also warns the dangers of becoming just another “cog” in the “machine”. I feel like his book aligned with my recent post The Road Less Traveled, detailing why tough situations bring us the most fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

Honestly, it’s rough for me to say this (and feel free to disagree, I like a debate), but I hate reality television shows. I think they are stupid and I think the people on them are dumb, what happened to common sense? I understand the need for drama, but honestly I don’t understand how a reality television star could feel proud of their accomplishments in life.

Instead of wanting to be like the next drama mama, or just like the next supervisor or manager in the workplace, or even the next Donald Trump or Stephen King, I want to be my own person, strong, independent, innovative and standing out from the crowd. It’s the people who dare to dream, do the impossible and not listen to what should be done to fit in who make a difference. In the words of my favorite TV show which is NOT a reality show: “Challenge Accepted!

What’s your dream?

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