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Words. So many have already written about the power words hold, the ability to shape the future, change a life, start a war, stop an argument, bring together lovers, tear apart families. Words. Something as simple as words. But I digress, enough people have written about words and the knowledge they hold.

What I want from words is the power to make someone feel the way I feel. Take today for example, it was a great day, a good day. I woke from dreaming my car had been towed in my cozy red bed, the red bed no one ever wants to leave. It was rough to force myself to stumble out, red eyed and weary…I’ve had 3 nights of lost sleep, 3 nights that were totally worth it. I went to coffee hour at 6am and was only 20 minutes late…only. Then I drove to work with my music loud, thudding through the speakers of my favorite toy, the car I impulsively bought myself just because.

Nothing makes me feel the way music does, the uplifting of my soul, the beat loud, infiltrating my very being. I wish I had the words to describe the way it feels, like nothing will ever go wrong again and even if it does its okay because the music, the combination of song and strings and the beat of the drums and the hum of the bass will keep me soaring. I can’t explain the way it makes me feel, as if I will always be happy in that perfect moment, when I am on the peak, at the brink and I will never fall down again…words are powerful but sometimes they are not enough.


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