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I don’t know if we can fully appreciate the fight that was fought in our favor…the war that was brought to our homes and the blood that was shed for freedom. As an American I am proud to call myself one of the risk takers. The Founding Fathers took a huge risk when they decided to cut themselves off from Great Britain, the country that sponsored their lives. Choosing to go it on your own instead of staying under the umbrella of those rich and powerful is always a gamble. Yet it paid off and for that I am grateful. Happy 4th of July and may be never take for granted the freedoms that were given us!



A horn toots triumphantly in the background with the faint throb of a bass and muted beats of drums. Overlaying those tones is a drummer rolling it out on his drum set, a drastic contrast from the soulful sounds of jazz. The smell of barbeque wafts through the air, brought on by the same wind that brings disastrous kites to brush by the heads of unsuspecting small children. It’s just another sunny day at Centennial Park, the 132 acre park close to the heart of downtown Nashville which boasts of its take on Athens’ Parthenon. There’s always a party happening at Centennial from arts and craft fairs to Shakespeare in the park, live music, sports, food fests, it’s the number one stop for a holiday.


Don’t forget to bring breadcrumbs, the ducks come out every now and then.


Taking a peek at the river.


The Parthenon in all her glory.

Weekends mean extra time for the next adventure, however I found myself in quite an unusual position spending time babysitting for 24 hours. As this past weekend was also Mother’s Day I must hand it to parents for their commitment, momentum and patience which I can certainly put forth during a brief 24 hours but day in and day out is a different story, I must applaud them.

Children have extremely active imaginations and don’t believe in limitations, their high energy requires constant attention which led to a trip to Palmer Park. There I was let in on the secret passageway, a leafy path off the cemented road where mothers pushed their strollers and dogs are jogged along on long leashes. The short passageway (and let’s face it, grown ups are too big for the secret passageway anyway) let to iron gates, a warning to stay away, but ended with a waterfall flowing into a creek.

Iron Gates


From that slice of beauty I took a road trip down to Birmingham, Alabama, a lovely country drive complete with cows, goats, dead armadillos on the side of the road, deer brave enough to cross a high speed 70 MPH interstate when dark falls and endless miles of nothing. Bursting out of the countryside enter the city, which is not a fantastic town. I grew up in Alabama and find no reason to return, except for surprise trips to see my mom on Mother’s Day. Additionally the shopping there is not half bad including the Summit – my personal favorite – and the Galleria.


To sum it up, it was an exhausting weekend but the look on my mom’s face was completely worth it!

Nashville has its on unique landscapes, events and beauty. One of the places I was fortune to visit was Traveler’s Rest for their Crawfish Boil and Beer. The landscape is absolutely gorgeous and the New Orleans food and beer incredible. One our way there we drove under various tunnels:


The landscape on the historic plantation was beautiful:


My meal of crawfish were extremely lively:


Dark of night, cold of winter, biting through the thin black dress

Rushing forward, high heels clicking, running towards the light

Doors spill open, pouring music, light and warmth into our minds

The beat is throbbing, bodies moving, thriving, jiving with the vibe

Drinks held high, fists are pumping, voices raised in songs

Lights are flashing, blue, green, purple, dancing on the mob

Cold dissipates, heat takes over, we sway, we sing, we shout

Sweaty brows, chests heaving, the time ticks tocks towards morn

Tried feet limp, in heels, in shoes, danced until threadbare

We weave the crowd by way of friends, we hug, we kiss, we leave

Disclaimer: I am not a poet but I enjoy blending words

Songwriting is a beautiful art sometimes lost in the mass of consumerism. This week I was able to listen to one of my best friends (who is a musician at heart) play some fragments of new songs. There is nothing that makes me feel the way music makes me feel. I feel compelled to create, to innovate, to add beauty to life, to talk a walk in nature, to write words of comfort, inspiration and meaning, to search for deeper truths and expose hidden meanings. It makes me want to stay, to find the meaning of life, understand knowledge and why we crave more.

Let’s face it, we were born to create, to find new ways to explain, explore and connect. Forward progress and the desire to succeed and live against all costs is what makes us human. The best way to start moving forward in our achievements is to start, take the huge step forward into the vast unknown and making it happen. Sure we will all trip up and make mistakes, but that’s just apart of the learning process, we have to keep going no matter what, because the journey to success is beautiful.

I am an individual who thrives on challenges and am very results oriented. However the best part of being results oriented is striving to reach a goal. Once the goal has been achieved and the challenge is over I tend to lose interest and look forward to the next challenge, even though it may be hard and scary.

The strains of indie music keep me burning to create. What music keeps you going? Share your favorites.

First off Happy St. Patty’s Day to all you party people out there, celebrating an Irish Holiday. That’s the thing I love about the USA, any countries’ Holiday is an excuse for us to party, because, well, after all we are from everywhere.

Yesterday was my St. Patty’s Day Pre-Celebration day which included some light day drinking and going to a Bash at Greenhouse Bar with hundreds of my new best friends. I woke up this morning with sore feet, a wounded shoulder and, thank goodness, no hangover!

I think I’ll limit the rest of my day to green cupcakes made with Irish liquor, but to the rest of the brave souls out there, enjoy the Google Doodle of the day and party on!

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