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One of my pet peeves is when I give someone a compliment and they immediately reject it by criticizing themselves.

I don’t see it as being humble or modest or any other word attributed to disliking praise. I just wish the person I complimented would take the compliment, feel better about themselves and walk away.

My second pet peeve is low self-esteem. Because I find this hard to relate to, I want to help those with low self-esteem find their worth.

Realize that even if you grew up around debbie downers and feel as if you don’t have any thing unique and talented to contribute to those who come into contact with you, you’re wrong.

We become more like the people and information we surround ourselves with. Although there is nothing that can be done about your childhood or who and what you were surrounded with, the beauty of growing up is that you are able to change all that. All it takes is determination and a strong will to begin that journey of forgiveness and understanding your worth. We all have something to give, we all have traits and personalities which set us apart, it’s not about the comparison game its about living each day to the best of your abilities because NO ONE can give to the world what you can.

Today’ prompt struck a chord inside me:

What is your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?

Who am I?

I’m hardcore because I believe if you put your mind to it and work hard enough, you can do anything.

I’m am against traditional norms and social status because I believe we were created unique for a reason and there is no need to try to clone yourself to society. There are too many naysayers in the world and the best way to prove them wrong is to take the road less traveled and show them with your success.

I am emphatic, everyone starts at a different level in reaching their goals and no two journeys are the same. This is why I love to hear stories from others.

I don’t believe in impossibilities. We’ve seen abstract ideas become possibilities and vague concepts turned into reality. All it takes is the right mindset.

Today’s challenge is to fill in the blanks of the sentence below:

I am unique and different because I provide _______ which no one else in my field provides. No one else can or will provide this because ______.

What helps you stop the cycle of self-doubt and take steps to achieving your goals?

30 day challenge


First off Happy St. Patty’s Day to all you party people out there, celebrating an Irish Holiday. That’s the thing I love about the USA, any countries’ Holiday is an excuse for us to party, because, well, after all we are from everywhere.

Yesterday was my St. Patty’s Day Pre-Celebration day which included some light day drinking and going to a Bash at Greenhouse Bar with hundreds of my new best friends. I woke up this morning with sore feet, a wounded shoulder and, thank goodness, no hangover!

I think I’ll limit the rest of my day to green cupcakes made with Irish liquor, but to the rest of the brave souls out there, enjoy the Google Doodle of the day and party on!

Dreams. An important piece of passionate guidance that hopefully allows you to become who you’ve always wanted to be. However its tough staying on track, staying inspired and staying motivated. I’ll go ahead and admit I get off track every now and then and sometimes I don’t want to care about anything at all, just party (and partying is pretty great!).

However I’ve stumbled across some constant inspiration that that keeps me going. After all it’s not easy to dream big, people rarely believe in you. I have monthly subscription to Entrepreneur magazine through which I’ve discovered Inspiration Center which works like a Pinterest account for Entrepreneurs. You can also follow them on Twitter which is what i prefer. (Since my Twitter following is out of hand, larger than Facebook, you’d think it would be the opposite).

Another one of my other favorite places to go for inspiration is Kickstarter, if you’re obsessed with downloading the latest and greatest apps you may have noticed it’s currently the #1 app in the App Store. It’s pretty cool to watch people talk about their project and you have the option to help fund them it. One day maybe I’ll be on the site too and you’d all better back my project because it will be mind-blowing. Until then happy funding and let me know what sites, accounts, images and phrases you find inspiring.

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