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True iconoclasts don’t just happen upon a novel approach. Their brains are actually wired in a way that makes them more likely to take the road less traveled

– Joe Robinson, Entrepreneur Magazine

Going against the norm has been a fun part of my life, anything from figuring out an easier way to doing a math problem (which did not always work out as teachers expect to see your work) to figuring out how to make a mid-senior level salary upon college graduation (work 3 jobs you’ll make plenty!).

However in the work place I’ve found I’m really good at doing what’s been done before. Why? Because taking a risk on the workplace is…well…risky. Lately I’ve been having more creative ideas and although sometimes shot down it’s becoming much easier to take a risk and think outside the box. As Entrepreneur magazine states that’s why people start businesses. They have a creative idea and have enough ambition to go with it. I want to be more like that so here’s to my journey down the road less traveled.


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