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Opting out of Social Media

Posted on: June 2, 2013

Rainy weekends tempt me to stay home with a cup of white chocolate mocha cinnamon coffee or a cup of tea and honey. My reading list is miles high and although the intellectual thrill of processing a new idea is strong, sometimes it’s just better to hit the city with your friends. Working may be essential however the time comes to put down the books, close the laptop, opt out of networking through social media and socially connect face to face. Kicking back with friends over the weekend generally involves marathon hangouts from getting caught in the rain on an impromptu walk to them mall to a quick dinner which turns into a 7 hour event. No matter what shenanigans come my way actual time spent with friends is priceless compared to the endless hours spent working, building and moving forward.

How do you relax from your work week?


2 Responses to "Opting out of Social Media"

During my work week, I’m actually at work for two and a half days straight (including spending the night) so on my off time, I really enjoy hanging out at home with my hubby and our cats. It’s the only time I get serious reading time in so in between housework and cooking I try to squeeze in as much time with the books as I can.

Wow you definitely stay busy! It’s always great to relax with a good book!

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